Fight Breast Cancer

Fight Breast Cancer is the slogan for the Maanavseva project. The project objective is to reach out to the underserved female population residing in villages and  hamlets  in India and bring breast cancer awareness, early detection and treatment within their easy reach.

Maanavseva aims to achieve its objective by building a successful model which will

  • Educate the  rural women about breast cancer.
  • Spread awareness about breast health and the need for regular self examination.
  • Facilitate early detection of breast cancer through preventive screening through mammograms.
  • Handhold the affected women and their families throughout the treatment.

Why focus on Rural women?


  • Statistics paint a scary, depressing picture.
    • Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women all over India and accounts for 25% to 31% of all cancers in women in Indian cities. (Source: PBCR 2009 – 2011 )
    • According to GLOBOCAN (WHO), for the year 2012, an estimated, the number of deaths due to breast cancer alone was  70,218 (second:  China – 47984 deaths  and third:  US – 43909 deaths). Notice the difference in numbers.
  • There has been a drastic age shift in the development of breast cancer. No longer is breast cancer a disease of the elderly. In recent years, women as young as 30 have been diagnosed with breast cancer. These cancers tend to be more aggressive and life threatening in the young.
  • It was observed that Indian women are diagnosed with breast cancer a decade earlier than their Western Counter parts. These factors are a grim testimonial of the fact that the awareness of rural women regarding breast cancer is at rock bottom.
  • With many taboos, financial obligations and responsibilities surrounding their everyday life, these women find it difficult to talk about the many health issues affecting them. As long as they are able to do their day to day activities, health is naturally on the last of their priorities.

Maanavseva hopes to tackle these challenges head on and through its dedicated team of medical and non medical professionals, volunteers and workers, aspires to empower the rural woman by bringing breast health within her easy reach. Founded on the principles of clear sustenance goals, measurable objectives and performance metrics, Maanavseva’s mission is to streamline the commitment and contribution of these individuals so that the community as a whole can benefit and move forward in terms of health and wellness.

Maanavseva firmly believes that a battle well begun is half won.

Please click below for a detailed project document that describes our mission, challenges, action plan and budget needs:

Fight Breast Cancer in India Project Proposal