Public Library


Our objective is to help the uneducated low-income youth in rural India by building public libraries and /or supplying books and furniture.

While government is taking many measures to make primary education compulsory by introducing many incentive programs like free lunch for those who attend the school, still there is much more needed to be done. Some schools still do not have a good school building and other facilities. Most villages do not have a good library

Our project

Our project is to build a model library in Kanuru village in Peravali mandal, West Godavary district in rural Andhra Pradesh.  The village has a population of 6500 people. After successful  completion of one project, we aim to build similar facilities in other villages. A public library is much needed for the students as well as the community people. A good ibrary serves multiple purposes

  • It can be used to conduct health awareness programs
  • Maternity education programs for women
  • Access to computer and internet facilities for everybody
  • Reference books  and general knowledge books for those  who are in search of jobs

Status – Construction completed:

We started this project in late 2015. We are pleased to report that the building construction has been completed towards the end of 2016 as planned. The library building is now inaugurated and handed over to the local district wing of Government that manages Libraries. They are in the process of equipping the Library with books, furniture etc.

Funds to the tune of US $15,000 have been collected and transferred to the Indian non-profit organization. One of the directors of Maanavseva has directly coordinated the construction efforts to ensure its completion.  She will now ensure the functioning of the library.

Here are some pictures showing the building in progress and after completion.


Here are the news coverage with regard to initial building construction ceremonies:

news article on the foundation stone ceremony